Air Conditioners


Split Air Conditioning

The functions of the different categories of air-conditioners are the same – adjusting the temperature of a space, providing the air filtering and preserving your natural moisture-, have distinct characteristics.

Each unit is designed according to the specific applications for your full performance for each type of environment, in addition to obey different requirements for your installation and compliance with the requirements and demands of its users.

The technological evolution of refrigeration industry allowed different adaptations and formats for these devices essential for comfort of homes and shops. One of those innovative ideas is the air conditioning.

The translation of the term split, in English, is “separate”, illustrating perfectly the concept behind this cooling technology that led to the remarkable air split.

Split Air conditioner

Split cooling system works from two separate modules that make up the same equipment. One of the modules is called the evaporator, which is installed within the environment that will be air conditioned. The second module is called condenser, located on the outside of the site.

The two parts of the split are connected by special pipes made in copper, and they pass the refrigerant and drain too. Is through the connection between the internal and external modules that occurs the temperature Exchange and also the water flow originated in the process of natural air-cooled condensation. In this way, the split air conditioner removes heat from the environment and the throws to the outside at the same time cooling the inner space, promoting a pleasant air conditioning.

For operating with separate components, the split air offers several advantages, such as the considerable reduction of noise during your operation, better distribution of cold air, space is being acclimatised in a uniform manner, and also the reduction in the consumption of electrical energy, which can be up to 40% less than the older devices.

It is worth remembering that the main models of split the market with filters that retain the impurities from the air, making the process of toilet cleaner. In addition, some equipment can also perform the function of heating for the colder months, ensuring thermal comfort throughout the year.

Split air conditioner 12000 Btu

The symbol BTU means British Thermal Unit, and is the unit of measure taken to sort the cooling power of air-conditioning appliances available on the market. The more BTUs, the greater the cooling shroud generated by the unit in relation to the space.

The average for the calculation of potency X room usually revolves around 1,800 BTUs per square meter, whereas two people per metre. Thus, a split air conditioning 12000 BTUs perfectly meets an area of 25 m ², even during periods of heat stroke.

Houses, apartments, offices, commercial rooms, shops, laboratories and many other spaces that need constant air conditioning and not exceeding that film can be adequately cooled by a split model 12000 BTUs.

Air conditioner Installation

The installation of air conditioning is a very important step to obtain the full use of the appliance, as well as ensuring appropriate conditions for your operation and future maintenance.

The first phase which is is to verify and set the correct installation point for both modules of the split. While the evaporator needs from a strategic distribution of international air conditioning, evaporator, even if located in external environment, have to be installed in a location that is at the same time, protected from rain and easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

In addition, there must also be a planning for the location of the drain outlet, which flows by gravity. It is important to note that this output to dispose of the water must be independent, and that should never be connected to sewage networks (which would cause harm to the room during operation of the appliance).

Another key point for the air conditioning installation is the verification of the electrical network and the actual conditions of the power point, which shall comply strictly with the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer of your device. Any type of inappropriate adaptation or replacement in the electrical wiring that feeds the split air can cause damage and accidents.

The installation and maintenance of your air conditioning should only be performed by a trained operative. Count on the team of technicians str. offer the best support for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of your split.