Air conditioner Installation



Installation of air conditioning

In choosing a HVAC unit for your home or business, it is important to make sure that you know how each one works and what is the most suitable for the space. In addition to calculate the correct power air conditioning for the room, it is important to check the possibilities of installation that the environment offers. Only after evaluating these characteristics is that the choice of the device can be made safely.

Window models are composed of a single part. Therefore, they can be installed in free spans or window spaces, provided that they are made the necessary air seals in place. This type is recommended for rented properties, since not necessarily requires the opening or breakage on the wall. As the noise can be heard both in the room conditioning as on the outside, you need to check the rules for installation of the condominium or the neighborhood.

Installation of air-conditioning: Learn how to make

The installation kit -air conditioning offers everything needed for the unit is allocated correctly in your residence or business. However, the process can be very thorough when you think of sealing processes and electrical connections. An air conditioner installer will ensure that the appliance is ready to operate correctly, keeping your quality and parameters of power consumption.

Maintenance of air conditioning

In addition to properly install your air conditioner, it is essential to do a follow-up and periodic technical equipment and to make sure that proper maintenance is being performed. So, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to the maximum time of maintenance and comply with the dates indicated.

Install air conditioning safely

As it involves directly the electrical networks of the property, the installation of air-conditioning must be done according to the standards of safety and electrical insulation. Short and other power surges can damage the appliance and put at risk the safety of the people that are in place, which makes the correct installation of the model chosen.

Air conditioning installation kit

Each model of air conditioning requires professional Installation Services and compatible with your operation. So, stay tuned to specifications and always sure to be purchased the correct kit for the installation of your appliance.

Air Conditioning Installation Kit

The air conditioning has become an item present in the homes of thousands of people and it is vital that your installation is done in the most appropriate way for your proper functioning.

At the time of acquiring the appliance it is necessary to pay attention to some important points: such as size, power and brand. However, most of what is essential to be cautious at the time you install the product, so that everything takes place with maximum security.

It is common to appear questions on how to install air conditioning, because some key parts are needed. These tools generally are not part of the daily life of many people, who end up resorting to other “methods” and breaking the most appropriate way of installation.

It is important to note that no alternative method is as effective and safe as the one that is provided in the box with the appropriate tools.So were created installation kits, which offer greater security and convenience to consumers who have opted to install your own air-conditioning, and which aid even for professionals.

Air conditioning installation tools you find here on STR Air

We cherish the maximum-security Air STR of our customers, and that’s why we work with the best materials and marks. Find here the ideal kit for your air conditioner, and ensuring effective installation and intelligent.

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Okity: what is

Okity is the air conditioning installation kit complete of the market, ensuring more flexibility, practicality and a rigorous quality system – with resistant and accurate tools for a more efficient installation.

It is essential that the choice of ideal Okity is made according to the type of air conditioner you choose, because each kit contains tools exclusively focused on a product. So, be sure at the time of purchase of the Okity chosen is unique to your device.

Choose a kit that does not match the desired unit will contribute to the improper installation of the product, so stay tuned to your purchase.

Air conditioning installation kit split ensures greater safety and convenience

The installation kit is designed for the ease of consumers who choose to install their own equipment. It contains everything you need for the correct form of the procedure.

Buy air conditioning installation kit: know what you need

The Okity has all the tools necessary for the installation of the air conditioning. The kit usually contain: flexible copper tube with insulation, flanges and bolts; Wall Finish; support for the appliance and aluminized adhesive tape, screws, nuts and bushings to the fixing bracket.

Remember that each Okity kit is unique to a specific type of air conditioning. At the time of your purchase be sure of making the right purchase, ensuring correct installation and proper functioning of the product.