Inverter Air Conditioning

Inverter Air Conditioning

With the intense heat of summer coming, many Brazilians join the use of air conditioning to keep cool and keep the airy environments for as long as possible, which is much more efficient and practical than other ventilation systems.

Split air conditioning inverter

With the new technologies, the air conditioning has to be programmed control by far; are made to not emit noises; help with a lower energy expenditure and take care of your health by improving air quality. Choose a better quality air conditioning will only bring benefits.

The more technological presented are the Inverter models, which feature a compressor inverter with a built-in device that adjusts the spin and the frequency of the engine remaining in operation according to the temperature in the environment. This template is functional to save power, since, when turned on, temperature quickly and keeps for a long time.

The difference of an air conditioner is that he works with maximum capacity throughout the operation, while the air conditioning Inverter operates in a process of stand by while the temperature is at the desired level, avoiding thus the call and hang up the apparatus.

With that, the split air conditioning inverter promotes greater durability, since your engine does not need to be switched on and off frequently and can operate in temperatures well. For do not disturb, the appliance is built to be silent, download the sound pressure and vibration of the engine itself.

To health and the environment, air split Inverter models are considered sustainable by using an ecological gas cooling, which do not damage the ozone layer. Another benefit guaranteed to your well-being is that, for the temperature maintained at the same levels, there is no danger of problems such as flu or colds by constant difference of heat and cold.

Concern over the health of customers was so much, that the manufacturers bother with a combat microorganisms and allergens, the high air flow. The retention of particles is given by the electrostatic charge with your microstructure, eliminating viruses and possible dust that can cause allergies. The appliance has the help of Ionizer ION CARE to sterilize the air in 99.9%.

If you are looking for an air conditioner to freeze the environment faster than any model and still save energy, the Reverse template is the best option. Who need to warm up the environment because of the intense cold of some cities can buy models with hot air or that match the two units.

Lg inverter air conditioning

Up to 47% more efficient than conventional appliances, lg inverter air conditioning gives you a lot more savings at the end of the month. Inside, there is a Skew system Fan that reduces any vibration or noise, which makes it one of the quietest on the market.

The Multiproteção filter LG retains micromartículas more efficiently without compromising the capacity of the air conditioner and eliminates bacteria that could cause cooling.

The installation is another strong point of this device, since it can be installed in any environment fairly quickly. The removable bottom panel, the articulated support and installation support are responsible for that facility.

Fujitsu inverter air conditioning

The great features of the fujitsu inverter air conditioner ‘s energy saving with the presence sensor, which detects movement of people and, if there is nobody in the environment, goes into power saving mode and the waste is reduced.

The filter is the ion that removes dirt and odors from the air, making the environment more pleasant. There is still another type of filter that cleans the air, Apple catechin, which absorbs the fine dust and mildew invisibly to neutralize the environment with polyphenol extracted from apples.

If you need economy and an air conditioner that refresh the environment without harming your health, Inverter technology is ideal for you. In addition, this device helps the environment by emitting ecological gases and working the air in such a way as to promote a greater cleaning.