industrial air cooler


To ensure air quality for both products and employees, some employees welfare in certain environments it is essential to invest in an industrial air cooler that will control the amount of evaporated water in these environments.

The air humidity is important to ensure the comfort of the people attending the environment, preventing respiratory disease and fatigue, which interferes directly in the production of the work. Also some products require relative humidity conditions for your display, such as fruits and vegetables to deteriorate more rapidly in dry environment.

The industrial air cooler is indispensable for industries of all sizes, especially for those working with perishable products, pollutants or with excessively hot machinery that need to maintain some level of humidity in the environment.

Reasons to purchase the product

The industrial air cooler is manufactured to control the relative humidity in the environment and can be use resistances to water evaporation, evaporative hives or ultrasound. Purchase one of these devices will benefit from day to day of their employees by offering some benefits, such as:

  • Pleasant climate-Working in environments with low humidity increases fatigue and can endanger the health of the employee;
  • During the purification process, the industrial air cooler will air filtration, removing pollutants that can be harmful to health.

Leading company in industrial air cooler

As you can see, invest in a industrial air humidifier will directly benefit the health of their employees and in preserving the quality of its products.


It is therefore necessary that you seek a company known to provide such equipment, as in the case of Basenge, a company that is a leader in the manufacture of products of this segment ensuring the buyer the highest technology in industrial air cooler.


With many years in the market, Basenge has become a reference for the entire national territory and abroad with products developed with the highest technology and raw material adequate to ensure the quality of its products.

The Basenge works with evaporative coolers and air humidifiers that are manufactured using the most modern on the market, offering customers, quality products that suprirão the need of the company in relation to the HVAC industry.

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